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    What makes us tick? - that's been a driving motivation for me for many years. I love understanding how we are meant to live our lives in a way that feels aligned and authentic to who we are.


    To that end, I began studying Human Design in 2005 because I wanted to find a system that helped me understand myself. Out of all the systems and tools I studied, this was the one that helped me the most.


    In 2011 I got certified as a Human Design Analyst & Small Business Coach and Consultant and became a teacher at the International Human Design School.


    I've had the privilege of working with hundreds of clients and sharing their design with them in a way that makes them feel deeply seen for who they are.


    If you'd like to learn more about how you're designed to live, work or be in a relationship, feel free to reach out and schedule a session with me.




  • What is Human Design?

    A Modern Day Personal User Manual for Life & Work

    Learn to Live Your Design

    There is a way of operating successfully in the world that feels natural for you. You could call this your authentic self. Human Design, as a system, is a great tool that helps unlock your deepest potential. You can think of it as a ‘user manual’ for your life & work.


    In a reading you’ll learn about ways that you can operate most successfully as yourself by giving you awareness of your key strengths while also becoming aware of the beliefs & mental stories that hold you back.


    I like to tell clients that every reading is unique - there are no two designs that are the same. Your bodygraph chart is as unique as your fingerprint!

    A New Way to Think About Life & Work

    A Human Design Foundation Reading represent an innovative approach to learning about how you are designed to live & work in a way that brings you more enjoyment & success.

    Human Design Foundation Session

    This is the place to begin if you're interested in learning about your human design. A reading is a one-hour session that highlights all the key aspects of how you are designed to live your life. Sessions include a copy of your Human Design bodygraph chart, MP3 recording of the session, and reference materials to help you prep for your session.

  • What do you learn?

    Your Human Design Reading includes these topics

    Operating Style

    How you are designed to operate in Life.

    Inner Authority

    Understand your Decision-Making Style

    Strengths & Skills

    What makes you unique and how to express these gifts of yours.

    Shadow Awareness

    The #1 areas that pull you off track

    Strategies for Life & Work

    Easy to remember tips & strategies to implement in your life right away.

    Personal Profile

    A holistic weaving of the above information into simple keys

  • How It Works

    Nature vs. Nurture - Maybe it's Both!

    Tool for Greater Awareness

    Accurate birth data is required

    To have a Human Design Session, I ask that you provide your birthdate (month, day and year), an accurate birth time and the city, state and country where you were born.


    Human Design works by plugging your birth data into a sophisticated software system that calculates your energetic blueprint at the time of your birth.


    We call this blueprint, your Design, that’s represented in your Bodygraph chart. Each chart is completely unique.


    Your Human Design Bodygraph can highlight particular ways that you express your potential in work, in love, in partnership and everyday life.

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